Duluthian interviews Fantasy Novelist

Duluthian Donny Krosch presents an interview with Margaret Weis, Author and Gaming Icon.

Margaret Weis is one of the best known and a frequent best seller author for her long list of wonderful novels. Some of the most popular include the Dragon Lance Chronicles, Death Gate Cycle, and her work on early products for Dungeons and Dragons. Margaret Weis Productions has also started to release a number of Role-Playing Products such as the Leverage RPG and a new game based on Marvel’s Comic Universe.


Eldon "Donny" Krosch Jr.

about 11 years ago

Thanks for passing on the link! I will be doing more interviews in the near future. I have a few more requests out there and am working on some others as I type this. 

I have two others up already -- one with a famous game designer Monte Cook and another with one of my favorite poets Alex Ness. 

It has been a lot of fun working on these articles. I hope you enjoy them.


about 11 years ago

Further proof that Duluth = Gaming Mecca

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