Favorite campsite?

Anyone have a favorite campsite at George H. Crosby/ Manitou state park? I always used to go to #5, but want input on other fabulous spots, on the river. Your thoughts?



about 10 years ago

#5 is the one we usually wind up getting, too. Kind of the go-to site, though I do like the river sites. I have yet to get there on any other weekend besides Memorial, though, and lately the park has been pretty packed the last few of those.


about 10 years ago

#5 has always been our favorite, too. #8 has a nice swimming hole, deep enough for real swimming, just downstream from the site. The site itself is right on the trail, though, so other hikers basically hike right through your site. 

We were up there this last weekend, and it was packed, by Crosby Manitou standards. We wound up in site #10, which is large (3 good tent pads) and has lovely cedar trees but is not right on the water. 

It's a good park for beginning backpackers. It's rugged enough to seem like the real deal, but you don't have to hike that far to get a nice site.

I once got giardia after camping there, despite carefully filtering all our water. My only guess is that I swallowed river water while swimming. 

Yesterday, I saw a woman washing dishes right in the river while we were hiking out, and I thought about warning her, but then I sort of thought that a person who washes her dishes right in the river maybe deserves to pay the price.


about 10 years ago

#5 is usually my fav, too, but it's booked for the dates I'll be there. I do like a site right on the river and somewhat out of the way of hikers. Whatddya say about 13 or 14?  It has been a while since I've been there, so I need refreshing. Thanks all!


about 10 years ago

Is #7 booked? It's private and on the river, if I'm remembering right (which I might not be, but I think I am). Have not been to the campsites past 10 in a long time. 

I know for sure #9 is up in the woods and #10 is right next to the river but not actually on the river.

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