Mysterious Metal Melodies

I hear a band playing that sounds like it’s coming from Bayfront park, but I don’t see anything on the schedule. Anyone know the mystery of the random sounds of metal washing over Lincoln Park?



about 12 years ago

There's an outdoor concert at Clyde Iron tonight:


about 12 years ago

Ah! That completely explains why it sounds like it is just down the hill from me!
I didn't realize that Clyde did outdoor concerts. Thanks for the info!


about 12 years ago

Heard something all the way up in upper Woodland, sure there wasn't something going on at Bayfront as well?


about 12 years ago

I heard that all the way up in Hermantown by the Mall. Seriously, seems a bit louder than is reasonable but I hope everyone had a good time.


about 12 years ago

I didn't have too much of an issue with the noise level, but I definitely would have if it kept going too much later. Also, there were a lot of f-bombs that were clear even up the hill. If I were a parent, that might have really pissed me off.


about 12 years ago

What? Something noisy happened and college kids weren't the source? 

Okay, I'll stop.


about 12 years ago

As an 18 year old who enjoys metal and happens to have friends that mostly enjoy metal I think you're all probably hearing metal kid drive-bys. These happen, but we don't shoot people we just blare our music and occasionally (*cough* often) scream ridiculousness out our windows.

Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

This was definitely a concert. Went on for several hours, consistent volume, crowd response, and even an intermission. If it was a drive-by, I'd be really impressed at the setup required to pull it off.

Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

Definitely the Hollywood Undead concert at Clyde. It was huge, loud, and outdoors, with tons of fans there. It went from about 5pm-10pm on the day in question.


about 12 years ago

and in a similar, but wholly unrelated topic: Roger Tullgren, from Hasselholm, Sweden is getting government help for his addiction to heavy metal.


about 11 years ago

Haha, Jordan, I think this was from the All That Remains show :P Love ya kid!

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