Duluth Master Bread & Arco Billboards

Back in December, the subject of the old Master Bread billboard came up in the thread about the Peerless Auto Body fire.

I’m guessing that’s the reason this showed up in my e-mail:

Does anyone know where the Master Bread billboard with the moving slices of bread coming out of the package ended up? Or, the Arco Coffee billboard with the steaming coffee being poured into the pot?

The e-mail is from former Duluthian Wayne L. Anderson.

Is anyone out there holding on to these collector’s items, or can someone confirm they were destroyed?



about 12 years ago

By the way ... this photo courtesy of the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center via the Minnesota Digital Library.

Aerial Bridge: View from Sixteenth Avenue West and First Street 

Jim Wilferling

about 12 years ago

That's a great photo, notice Emerson school in the right-hand background?

Jim Wilferling

about 12 years ago

Though I mat be mistaken, that may be the MN Power substation on W. Superior a little further back. Any Info? Looks to me like It was taken from the West End side of point of rocks.

Jim Wilferling

about 12 years ago

Sorry, didn't notice the caption.

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