Korean Cuisine in Duluth?

Does anyone know of some authentic Korean cuisine around town? As much as I enjoy the standard Chinese options that are standard in every joint around, I’m hinkerin for a change. I’ll even expand the range to Northern Minnesota if need be. Come on folks, help me out!

Lets keep the ‘grilled-fido’ comments to a minimum, Thanks in advance.



about 9 years ago

While not Korean per se, Nokomis has a great Korean BBQ inspired file mignon on the menu at the moment.


about 9 years ago

If you're in St. Paul, there are a lot of great Korean restaurants on Snelling over by Minnehaha and Hamline.


about 9 years ago

Out past  west duluth on 23 there's a Vietnamese place.... not sure if its good or not....


about 9 years ago

Lotus Inn is the vietnamese place. I think it's quite good.


about 9 years ago

So the answer is no ...


about 9 years ago

Yes, Lotus Inn is a sweet place.  Haven't been there in a while and need to get back!


about 9 years ago

If you're hankering gets really out of hand, there's an excellent Korean BBQ place in Thunder Bay, Ontario called the Flame Grillhouse.


about 9 years ago

I have a hankering for an Anchoring. All the prices just raised at the Anchor ... brrrr .25 cents.


about 9 years ago

I love the Lotus, wish it wasn't so damn far away, I'd go there more often. Excellent food and the Vietnamese coffee, oh yes.


about 9 years ago

Nothing up here that has good/any Korean food. The only places I know of is Korean Cafe, Hoban, and Kings in the cities.  

I'm Korean, and if someone knows of a restaurant let me know


about 9 years ago

Dong Yang - It's just outside Minneapolis in Columbia Heights. Tiny place at the end of a strip mall, next to Harbor Freight Tools. I've talked to Koreans and they say it's like being back in Korea. I was just there last week and surprised to see they got a new menu sign with actual English names for items. The old menu was only in Korean.


about 6 years ago

Duluth really needs a good Korean place! Also Greek.

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