Korean Cuisine in Duluth?

Does anyone know of some authentic Korean cuisine around town? As much as I enjoy the standard Chinese options that are standard in every joint around, I’m hinkerin for a change. I’ll even expand the range to Northern Minnesota if need be. Come on folks, help me out!

Lets keep the ‘grilled-fido’ comments to a minimum, Thanks in advance.



about 11 years ago

While not Korean per se, Nokomis has a great Korean BBQ inspired file mignon on the menu at the moment.


about 11 years ago

If you're in St. Paul, there are a lot of great Korean restaurants on Snelling over by Minnehaha and Hamline.


about 11 years ago

Out past  west duluth on 23 there's a Vietnamese place.... not sure if its good or not....


about 11 years ago

Lotus Inn is the vietnamese place. I think it's quite good.


about 11 years ago

So the answer is no ...


about 11 years ago

Yes, Lotus Inn is a sweet place.  Haven't been there in a while and need to get back!


about 11 years ago

If you're hankering gets really out of hand, there's an excellent Korean BBQ place in Thunder Bay, Ontario called the Flame Grillhouse.


about 11 years ago

I have a hankering for an Anchoring. All the prices just raised at the Anchor ... brrrr .25 cents.


about 11 years ago

I love the Lotus, wish it wasn't so damn far away, I'd go there more often. Excellent food and the Vietnamese coffee, oh yes.


about 11 years ago

Nothing up here that has good/any Korean food. The only places I know of is Korean Cafe, Hoban, and Kings in the cities.  

I'm Korean, and if someone knows of a restaurant let me know


about 11 years ago

Dong Yang - It's just outside Minneapolis in Columbia Heights. Tiny place at the end of a strip mall, next to Harbor Freight Tools. I've talked to Koreans and they say it's like being back in Korea. I was just there last week and surprised to see they got a new menu sign with actual English names for items. The old menu was only in Korean.


about 8 years ago

Duluth really needs a good Korean place! Also Greek.

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