ISO Used Telemark Gear

Anyone out there with some decent telemark gear they’d like to sell me? I’m just getting into it, but am already anticipating infatuation with it. Ideally skis would be 170s or shorter, boots a ladies 8.5 or 9 (European 26?), though I do have a wider foot, too. Any leads would be much appreciated!



about 11 years ago

You might mean Euro 39 or 40.


about 11 years ago

UMD gear swap is this weekend. You could check that. Otherwise I've got a pair of older k2s. I think they're 167-168 or something like that. Hit me up at dbb999 at gmail.


about 11 years ago

There's some stuff in the basement. I'll check it out and let you know. Cost would be non-existent.


about 11 years ago

UMD is having a gear swap soon, no? like today?


about 11 years ago

Good luck in the hunt, not too much tele gear around here, but if you keep looking stuff does pop up from time to time.  BTW, looking for some leathers in mens US 11ish / 44/45 Euro / 29cm.  Also, check out Mont du Lac on Thursdays (no longer have demos, but we still get together every week, carpool from Carmody around 5pm, they are closing down on the 19th so not much time left).


about 11 years ago

Thanks for the replies, folks! dbb, I'll email you. Need, if you unearth anything of interest in the basement, certainly give me a shout. Thanks again so much -- cheers.


about 11 years ago

I have seen people mount tele bindings to alpine skis. I am not sure of the specific advantages or disadvantages are of this. I think the cheif advantage is not having to buy a ski that has "telemark" written on it. It would be a way to save a few bucks if you are just getting started. Used alpine skis are easy to find around Duluth.

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