Men of Raleigh Street and Their Fish

Perhaps in another century people will pass around photos of you and try to piece together the details.

Who were these West Duluth guys? Did they all go fishing, or just the ones with their hats raised? Did they catch these 40+ fish on the St. Louis River or somewhere else? Did they have a boat?

Maybe none of that matters. What we know is that on one day in 1916 there was a mighty jubilant feast on Raleigh Street.



about 10 years ago

Paul, I love these old pics/stories, etc. Thanks and please keep it up.


about 10 years ago

I wonder about that notion with photos and people in the future. Digital photography makes it so easy to take pictures of everything: a deer in the yard, that weird guy on the street, your lunch. Many of them appear online, but most never get printed into real photos. Will there be more photos or fewer for people to look back on?

Sun Dog

about 10 years ago

I have wondered that too? Will computers get old, crash and go to the graveyard taking the images with them?


about 10 years ago

There is a funny thought. Future archeologists mining computers from landfills to extract data from old computers. I don't know why but that fascinates me.


about 10 years ago

What a spectacular photo.


about 10 years ago

That could make for an awesome Futuristic Sci-fi movie plot, ChefDale.

s.f. pangerl

about 9 years ago

These look like walleyes. I bet they were caught in the bay before it became polluted.

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