Day of Truth and Reconciliation

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial folks and the various offices and commissions on diversity at UMD co-sponsored a day on “truth and reconciliation” on Nov. 4. The Griggs Center (a large multimedia-capable meet space seating 200, I’d guess) was filled with students, faculty and staff. Julia and Dick of CJMM walked the audience through the history of the lynching, the history of the memorial, and through some basic reflections on racism as personally experienced and as structurally defined.

The day included showing videos and a reading by Michael Fedo, as well as a tour of the Memorial.

I’m grateful that this resource was available to the UMD community. The day was a success.



about 13 years ago

I would have loved to go to this. Wish it could have advertised for all to see and go.


about 13 years ago

I work at UMD and I volunteer at CJMM and I still only barely knew about this, I fear.  Public relations remains a university weak spot.

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