Superior has disc golf in Central Park

A new disc-golf course opened in Superior last week. It’s in Central Park, about one mile east of the UWS campus.

Other courses in the area include:

  • Mont du Lac
  • Miller Creek (by Lake Superior College)
  • St. Scholastica
  • UMD
  • Carlton Disc Golf Sanctuary

Topics for the comments:

  • Mont du Lac and Miller Creek are the best courses, right?
  • Is this a trend with staying power, or will no one be playing in five years?
  • So, what do you think of the new course in Superior?



about 14 years ago

There's a course in Morgan Park's Good Fellowship park, too.


about 14 years ago

I am very thankful that the sport has grown legs in this region, and I am hopeful that evenmore options will become available.  As I am sure you are all aware, this sport has been around for a long time, and I think that it does have local staying power, especially with the relative awesomeness of the Miller Creek course.  I have not played MDL, Carlton or the new Superior course.  The biggest thing that concerns me is the level of disregard some disc golfers have for their environment, and this problem seems to be unique to the area, as most courses that I've been to in the cities don't have nearly the garbage problem that Miller Creek in particular has.  Yes, the sport is conducive to chugging cans of PBR, but some people have yet to learn that it is simply wrong to leave empty cans and other garbage outdoors on the ground, even if there's already a pile of garbage there.  Bring a bag, crush your can, and pack it out, and pick up a few other pieces of garbage along the way.


about 14 years ago

I may be more interested in learning about disc golf now that I know drinking while playing is commonplace. : )


about 14 years ago

It's not even a question if it has staying power, just look at the Twin Cities.  They have had great courses for decades and new ones are still popping up.  

The trash at Miller Creek is terrible.  The city did promise pick up at two spots and never followed through but still, you back it in you back it out.  I live nearby and I would rather drive to the other courses than to play there because it's so dirty -- and I even like Miller Creek a lot.

I think the Ryan or the city or someone should just yank 5 baskets and post a sign saying it will be a full coarse again once the trash has been picked up and has stayed picked up for a few weeks.  Then put them back and if the trash comes back, yank the baskets again.  They can store the yanked baskets at my house or I bet LSC might have room that they would be willing to give up for a bit. That would get others out there patrolling and telling people its not okay to throw trash around.  Right now people are just reinforcing each other.

There currently isn't any repercussions for people's actions.  I use to carry a garbage bag with me when I went but became way overwhelmed when I would see people see me picking up trash and still throw their garbage.  I say yank baskets.  I would be willing to help in that regard.


about 14 years ago

Not to keep ranting but the city could do a little bit to help.  Anyone that has been there on a nice day knows that it is one of the most used parks in the city (I bet that in sheer volume it could be more then even Enger) but still no crew pick up or even trash cans are in place (I haven't been there in months but I am guessing there still isn't trash cans.)

I haven't played Central Park but I am guessing it's a more family/ beginner course which is good to have.  MDL can satisfy most of the hardcore disc junkies, so it's good to be balanced by easier courses.


about 14 years ago

Yep. Every other city park has trash cans. Please, please install several at Miller Creek. Waste land changed into grace land.


about 14 years ago

Disc Golf has been popular like this for at least 15 years, in various areas I've lived in. I'm sure it will be around for some time to come.


about 14 years ago

Littering has been popular like this for at least 100 years, in various areas humans have lived in.  I'm sure it will be around for some time to come.

The only way the city will start picking up trash is if users start paying for the course. Simple economics, garbage pick up and disposal is expensive,  municipalities are not interested in extending liability with no new revenue.

So, pay to play or pick up your own damn mess, and encourage (yell at) the less motivated folks to follow suit.


about 14 years ago

Mont Du IMO.

Bar, Burgers, Disc, and it is immaculate.

Just make sure you have a couple hours if you plan on playing the 30+ holes.

LSC Sustainability

about 14 years ago

I'm the environmental coordinator at LSC. I started in January 2010 and quickly realized something had to be done with this course.  

Upon doing some digging, I found there have been many groups in the past that have tried to take initiative to clean up the Miller Creek course, but without cans, the cleaned up course didn't stay that way for long.  

The Environmental Council organized a clean-up in September and with 9 students/employees collected about 15 huge bags of trash. LSC's Student Senate is also keeping an eye on the course.

I contacted the city of Duluth in August and it has now placed two trash cans on the edge of the course.  One is located at the gate on Trinity Road, the other is at the gate near LSC's entrance.  I realize these aren't the most convenient places for trash cans if you're in the middle of the course, but we are trying.  

We've also noticed that with the addition of the cans, the course isn't staying much cleaner.  I'll play naive and hope it's because nobody knows about the cans.  Please do your part to prove to the city that if it continues to pick up trash bags at this course, progress will be made.  

The Environmental Council and the Student Environmental Club will be trying new things in the future.  Please email sustainability @ if you have suggestions.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

One question I have is if the two garbage cans are being filled with garbage or remaining empty. 

If they are empty, then they are either positioned poorly or people are pigs and it's futile to bother trying to keep the place clean.

If they are being filled, then it sounds like more cans are needed. Garbage cans, I mean. Not beer cans.

LSC Sustainability

about 14 years ago

The cans are positioned for the convenience of the City for pick up. Beggers can't be choosers I guess!  We hope to add more cans next spring (student volunteers will have to collect those bags and carry them to the city cans) and also place arrowed signs on the course showing where the cans are.  

Taking baskets downs will be a last resort, but it is an option.


about 14 years ago

Thanks for the clean-up initiative at Miller Creek!  It was like a completely different course before and after the work you folks did.


about 14 years ago

Do what other cities do and conscript low-risk criminals for community service to clean up trash and pick up garbage/recycle bins.  I remember a public golf course in Colorado frequently doing that.


about 14 years ago

It doesn't need to be pay for play.  I think it would be tragic if it was.  Enger Tower isn't pay to visit.  People paid their own money and volunteered their time to put in that coarse.  As noted many people have tried cleaning it up and still spend a lot of time doing so.  

Since there has been zero consequence for years out on the course it has created a culture of littering and it won't stop anytime soon.  There are a few options.:

1. Pull baskets until trash is up. How this would work is listed in a previous comment.  This I think would be the most effective.  Don't pull them all, but keep pulling them until it gets cleaned up.  That could be LSC Sustainability.

2. Get someone who can write tickets for littering out there on random days.

3. Can't get someone to write tickets, get a group of people that patrol and get on people's cases when they see littering.  

It's become what people do and I blame people, but I also blame letting a park that often sees hundreds of people a day go on for years without trash cans.


about 14 years ago

George Hovland tried pay for play up at Snowflake years back. It didn't take.

With the exception of  High Bridge Hills Sports Complex, for-fee courses will fail every time.

Carl Miller

about 14 years ago

Whama slamma!

Mont Du Lac now has 34 holes, epic.

Miller (shit) Creek is an acceptable alternative but there are problems there just like any other course; poor disc golf etiquette, teenagers/twenty somethings jumping/hanging swinging, breaking trees, illiterate folks who can't read signs that say "pack in pack out." At one point someone shit on a Tee Box on Hole Ten.  Also problems occur when people are trying to get in a round before the sun goes down, this means don't play in a group with 5+ people! Split up the groups, you'll play faster and you can talk about your round after.  

Hands down the best (unique) courses are up on the sucker river (i.e. North/South sucker courses).  These are private however due to douchebag litter bugs and people who just in general do not respect other people's property.

I hope to see disc golf in the Olympics one day ... this European photographer has the best videos on the net.  The level these guys play at is truly amazing.

Here is footage from the 2009 presidents cup. Check out this guy's YouTube page, top notch filming in HD. 


about 12 years ago

Central Park's course is very clean. The last 3 times I have went there have been at least 20 people playing the 6 holes. I think they should have made it 9 holes - there is more than enough room in the park.

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