PDD Gimmick Canopy debuts Saturday

Among the 100 booths at Fall Fest this Saturday at Chester Bowl will be one designed to remind you what an upstanding participant Perfect Duluth Day is in local commerce, civic boosterism and random hyperbole. Come check it out!

Yes, it’s the debut of the PDD Gimmick Canopy, where we lure you in by giving you a free PDD bumper sticker, then offer to sell you things you absolutely need to survive, such as:

  • Stephanie’s Soy Candles — handcrafted in West Duluth, made from soybeans and vegetable oil, handsomely encased in recycled jars. These candles burn at least 800 times longer and cleaner than the leading brand.

  • Bridgit’s jewelry — meticulously designed by a feisty redhead in Sturgeon Lake. Made to last seven lifetimes.

  • Geek Gear — T-shirts don’t go bad, do they? We’ve got some Geek Prom ones from 2002 that we’ll practically give away.

  • Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll CDs — The soothing sounds of your favorite local bands, available for purchase in the not-at-all dead format of compact disc. Proceeds go to the Homegrown Music Festival so it can get even bigger and eat you alive.

Plus dancing mules, fire-juggling monkeys and Shasta black cherry soda pop. Bring the whole family (except for your kids, they are annoying).

We’ll be on the right as you walk through the maze of arts, crafts, politicians, sweet corn and good ol’ hometown spirit. Look for the banner with the Perfect Duluth Day logo and the guy trying to catch quarters off his elbow like he’s Fonzie’s cousin.

Seriously, we have a booth at Fall Fest. Come say howdy.



about 11 years ago

Dancing mules? They canceled the pony rides this year. Are you stepping up, Lundgren?

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

I'm the human pin cushion. We're hoping Rich Narum will be the mule.


about 11 years ago

Aweeeesome. I'll be there, getting a sticker for myself, and a sticker for @samh out in Bozeman, MT! And caramel apples, of course.


about 11 years ago

Save a sticker for me...  I'm all for local commerce, civic boosterism and random hyperbole.


about 11 years ago

Great lunch at the festival this year.
Corn on the cob $2
Mini Donuts $4
Cheese Curds $5
Corn Dog $2
Gyro $6
Can of Coke $1
PDD stickers --FREE-best deal anywhere.


about 11 years ago

B-man, you missed the 50 cent pop at the PDD stand.

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