Is tonight Ladies Night at your favorite bar? Dept. of Human Rights would like to know.

I’m not naming names here, but I know of at least one bar in Duluth that has Ladies Night specials.

Minnesota Daily is reporting that free and discounted drink specials which apply specifically to women may be a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

“Gender-based pricing violates the Human Rights Act,” says Minnesota Dept. of Human Rights Commissioner James Kirkpatrick.

Five Twin Cities bars are being investigated.



about 12 years ago

This is why I think we are hosed as a society.


about 12 years ago

Yeah.  How are we supposed to get women drunk at FULL PRICE?!?!


about 12 years ago

Jesus Christ ... how PC can we get as a society?


about 12 years ago

Ha!  Me and my buddies went to a bar in Forest Lake a couple months ago that had a band, and when we walked in, they charged all of our girlfriends $4 and we went in free.  I had never seen that before.


about 12 years ago

Some people don't have enough to do in life so they come up with crap like this. Or maybe they're such pathetic losers they need exploits such as this so-called human rights offense to feel better about themselves?


about 12 years ago

Would your reaction be the same if the "discrimination" was against another group? As I see it this is free enterprise, promotions to gain customers.  As they see it, discrimination in all forms must be DESTROYED! There is no acceptable discrimination, including against the majority. Assignment #1 hug a lawyer.


about 12 years ago

@ B-man: I see the promotion as just that..a promotion. How much you want to bet that the ladies getting 2 for 1 share with the man they are with or just met? 

Pretty soon these lawyer-types will tell us which direction to wipe our butts because we can't figure it out on our own. My brother-in-law is a lawyer and he'd be leading the pack! No hugs for him!

a lady

about 12 years ago

Well, I guess Happy Hour is a form of discrimination then too since it discriminates against hours that are not 3-6 p.m. Oh, the humanity!

a lady

about 12 years ago

And with Happy Hour, we better also ban daily specials and drink specials since those promotions discriminate against certain days of the week and certain drinks, respectively.

Miss Nonymous

about 12 years ago

Oh the irony.. that some girly man obviously started the complaint on this one.


about 12 years ago

Well, while I agree that this is a bit ridiculous, I recall some old "ladies drink free" or cheap nights at the old Tap Room and it was painfully obvious that there were sketchy men hanging out there, just waiting for the ladies to get blasted so that they could try to take them home. Or accost them in the bathrooms, or in the parking lot. I know a number of women who were taken advantage of because of this. Perhaps they shouldn't have gotten so schnockered that they didn't know ass from face, but still... there could be a predatory element involved, to be sure.


about 12 years ago

I agree w/ j-i-l-l-o..there seems to be the aim of drawing in guys who want to meet very drunk women, which is why I've never made a point to find a bar with a ladies' night.

The Human Rights Commission could consider ladies' nights as a way to counteract the fact that women generally earn less than men.


about 12 years ago

I was in a bar a number of years ago in Maple Grove that had to change ladies night into "Skirt the Law Night" because they had outlawed ladies nights.  Anyone in a skirt drinks 2 for 1 and there were three guys in kilts (friends of the owners).


about 12 years ago

Happy Hour would be discrimination against people with depression.

The Tap Room ladies' night was terrible. Free keg beer for the ladies from 9-10PM and half price kamikazes and crazy shit like that until 12AM. Bros eventually got wise and wouldn't bother showing up until around midnight.

There are plenty of other wacky gimmicks for promo that don't involve [yawn] ladies' night. Ace's on First, for example, used to have a bros night.


about 11 years ago

Sex is a protected class under all human rights laws for providing goods and services.  It is no more acceptable to discriminate on the basis of sex than any other class, which are usually  race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status and disability.  If you tried to charge blacks more than whites, Jews more than Christians, etc., for drinks in your bar, you would be in trouble. 

Early bird specials are not discriminatory based on protected classes, and neither are children's menus as human rights laws invariably apply to persons who have reached the age of majority, with few exceptions.

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