Are you talkin’ it off or walkin’ it off?

So, I’m walking down East Third Street, minding my own business, and a middle-aged man with a goofy smile on his face asks me: “Are you talkin’ it off or walkin’ it off?”

Is that some kind of expression? What could it possibly mean? Did I hear him right?

I’ve found that it’s best in these situations to just say something quickly and politely while continuing to walk, so I just said, “Walking it off,” and kept going.

But now that interaction is bugging me. The only implication I can think of is that maybe I’m supposed to be walking off a hangover, which I guess sort of makes sense. But how would somebody talk off a hangover? And since I wasn’t talking, shouldn’t it have been obvious I was walking it off?



about 14 years ago

Paul, I think what you think you heard is your brain kicking into self-preservation mode. What the guy actually said was probably something more like this:

"Will you take it off while I wank it off?"

The goofy smile was really a look of lust. You are a very nice and handsome man, you know.


about 14 years ago

The following website describes "encouragement for battle-weary weight watchers"

So, both statements- walking or talking, appear to be about losing weight.


about 14 years ago

Touchdown, That's just icky.


about 14 years ago

Yeah, it was. I couldn't help it. I'm usually very tame.


about 14 years ago

I was thinking something similar to Touchdown, and I, too, am usually quite tame.


about 14 years ago

Beverly, really? I am going to have to cancel our date.


about 14 years ago

Paul Lundgren is the kind of man who could walk it or he could talk it. On or off.

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