Hippie Dick is a genius

Musical weaponry and optical gear by Dick Rosvall, on display at Respect Your Mother EarthFest.



about 11 years ago

Steam Punk!


about 11 years ago

Whoa, Paul. . . so, did you buy this getup and will you wear it around to Homegrown?


about 11 years ago

I went to the festival after I saw cute pics on FB of Zra and his kids. I could tell they weren't freezing their butts off, so I went. It was indeed Hippie Fest. It was a lot of fun, sorry I did not see Hippie Dick's booth. Or Paul Lundgren.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

This choice stuff is marked "NFS," so purchase was not possible. I'd try to steal it, but I'm not sure what other weapons Dick might have on hand to deal with thieves.


about 11 years ago

I didn't see that, or Dick, or Claire and kin, but I was down there with 2/3rds of my kids and we dropped off about 50 blue spruce seedlings left over from the Father's Forever event. The native plants lady was good enough to take them and hand them out. Later someone told me they are not actually a native plant, but ... anyway, if there are any left I encourage folks to pick one up and plant it with a kid you love. Hey, they're free.  

This is a cool event, we visited a number of vendors and people were chilly, yet it was still awesome.  I talked to a high school kid who set up an art gallery out of what looked like reused piping and plastic fencing.  It was all earth-oriented work from other students. We saw some neat crafts and I was impressed with the overwhelming "love your mother" vibe down there, too.

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