Hey! Let’s celebrate the fabulous new Target Field by … um … smoking weed with a red bell-pepper bong

This story is from CNN iReport, which is a totally untrustworthy user-generated source — even though it’s part of CNN, so take it for what it’s worth.



about 12 years ago

Question #1: Since Target Field has a "zero tolerance" policy toward drug and nicotine use (by fans), I wonder what the implications would be if the guy was indeed only smoking oregano.

Question #2: Could anyone be so dumb so actually smoke weed in such a public space? (See question #1)

Question #3: What vegetables/fruits have YOU employed in the quest for a buzz?


about 12 years ago

#1: Zero tolerance means zero. Tolerance.

#2: You've met me, right?

#3: Necessity is truly the mother of invention. When life hands you lemons, make lemon bongs!

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