Rachael Kilgour 3/6 at the Red Mug



about 14 years ago

Unfortunately, I will miss this since my friends and I are volunteering for the Unitarian Universalist East Indian dinner charity event on March 6.  I have heard a rumor, however, that Rachael Kilgour is playing at 11am at UMD on Monday March 8.  Is that true?  The more my friends and I hear Rachael Kilgour live, the happier we are!


about 14 years ago


International Women's Day: FILM-United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women + music with Rachael Kilgour - FREE - 11AM
Kirby Lounge, UMD (726.6292)

Adeline Wright

about 14 years ago

People coming or volunteering for the east Indian dinner must not panic!!!! They can do both! We scheduled the concert at 7:30 on purpose so that people could eat and share and still make it to superior in time. The nice folks Jill and Koresh  would be happy to serve those having to attend one of the many events that evening first. Hope to see you all at the Red Mug. xo Rachael and Adeline  P.S feel free to show up a few minutes late.

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