Also, I am considering printing t-shirts of the best Rainbow Rescue Beam cartoon ever (below-image intentionally low rez). Orders would have to be in advance and would need to meet a minimum number so I don’t have to lay out big ching ahead of time on mats. Contact: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com.



about 13 years ago

That Wisconsin has a sweet treasure trail.

Wes Scott

about 13 years ago

Wisconsin is #1 at something.
Its not milk drinking.


about 13 years ago

When I moved away from the area for a few years after college, I wound up working in an office with a guy from Minnesota, and one of our favorite things to mock-argue about was which state has more lakes -- Wisconsin or Minnesota.  I remember finding a website that said WI did and gloating over it; he countered with a pro-MN website that said something about how "Wisconsin cheats and counts ponds."  Eventually, we reached an impasse and agreed to disagree.

It was stupid, but then again, probably not any more stupid than arguing about the Packers & the Vikings.


about 13 years ago

I'd proudly wear one of the Wiso-Minneso shirts...especially since I may be moveing back to the other side...


about 13 years ago

Are you the guy who was hoisting that sign for the post-goal lap at the Bulldogs game last week??  I would totally rock that in a t-shirt.


about 13 years ago

@Mary. It's only fair that WI counts ponds.  MN seems to classify any body of water as a lake. Growing up in WI, I remember visiting MN and seeing a very small body of water and calling it a pond. My MN friend quickly said, it's not pond, that's a lake. I work blocks away from Powderhorn Lake in Mpls. Back in Sconie, it would be Powderhorn Pond.


about 13 years ago

I think you should have a t shirt that has a map of Minnesota with Duluth noted and Mpls/St Paul noted and some funny, sarcastic 'word  bubble'.  I do like the "I'm with stupid" T shirt design.


about 13 years ago

wisco alphabet:



about 13 years ago

So, can a fella still get one of these logos put on something?

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