The Ones That Got Away


This little snake managed to make the swim across Bent Trout Lake in Barnum without getting snatched into our boat. Roger had one lunge at it before it found refuge in the weeds.

A conversation that occurred about two hours later, when we saw a circle of small waves nearby on an otherwise calm lake:

Roger: What the hell is that over there?
Paul: Holy crap. Is that a whole school of fish?
Roger: I’ve never seen anything like it. Something’s going on over there.
Paul: Troll over! That’s gotta be fish or beaver or something.
Voice from the shore: Those aren’t fish! Those are scuba divers!
Paul: OK. Well, I guess we’re idiots then.
Roger: Yep. Pretty much.

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about 13 years ago

This is super funny. I laughed out loud just thinking about trying to hook a scuba diver. What the hell were they doing anyway?

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