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Am I the only one…


…who spends most of the winter fighting the urge to sneak through parking lots, compulsively kicking ice chunks off of other people’s cars?

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  1. My ice chunk oddity is that I won’t kick it off in someone’s parking lot. I don’t want to leave behind a mess. And yes, I was a Girl Scout as a child.

    Beverly | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  2. I once had a car that when I kicked the chunk off, part of the car came along with it. Hence: I would use caution with someone else’s car. Granted most people don’t drive the same “quality” car that one drives when one is 16…..

    kerc | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  3. Last year I kicked a huge chunk off my car, and it took some sort of wire and plug with it. Apparently it went to one of the little lights on the side of the car, cuz one of the little lights on the side of my car doesn’t work anymore.

    brian | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  4. I am Claude Kicker! I am a superhero of de northland! I shall kick all the clods from all de cars. It is so satisfying to hear them see them separate cleanly and de wheel wells be so free of de buildup

    Claude Kicker | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  5. A Great Winter Sport

    The best part of winter, the best part by far,

    Is kicking those ice chunks that form on your car.

    No matter our ages or races or genders

    We all enjoy booting that slush off our fenders.

    It’s deeply fulfilling, that contact and sound

    of boot hitting chunk and then chunk hitting ground.

    It makes you feel better, it makes your day

    It makes your Camry about 20 pounds

    And boy, what a workout! We all could be hunks

    By starting each morning with kicking some

    So next time you spot one, no matter how

    Don’t wait and think maybe you might let it thaw some;

    Go after it, mister! Attack it with zeal, And

    manfully give it the back of your heel!

    It may take you weeks, but of course that’s
    good too:

    The winter goes fastrer with something to do!

    by Peter Moore

    scoe | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  6. I love kicking those snow-sicles!

    I also love breaking the little pockets of ice on sidewalks.

    mevdev | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  7. why resist….? Just give in; you’ll be happy you did. I mean, who exactly lays on their death bed at 90 regretting having kicked off icicles? No one…that’s who.

    sbuchanan | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  8. Sara | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  9. For full enjoyment, you should let your ice dreads get as long as possible before kicking them off of your car. Ideally, the tire should be rubbing against it when you turn corners. On other people’s cars: why stop the kicking at the ice dreads?

    adam | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  10. While I like “ice dreads” and “clods,” I believe those “clumps-of-frozen-slush-on-the-back-of-your-cars-mud-flaps” are properly known as “dingleberries.”

    Beetle | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  11. Or “snow boogers”

    -Berv | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  12. My Wisconsin friend calls them “fender muffins”.

    wormbreeder | Dec 22, 2009 | New Comment
  13. I’ve always referred to them as “road boogers.”

    Barrett Chase | Dec 23, 2009 | New Comment

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