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The world is mud-luscious

Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Dept. has issued its annual plea to the public to refrain from using city hiking trails, snowmobile trails and cross country ski trails until the mud dries up. Refer to the 2010 PDD post “Where to hike in Duluth when it’s muddy,” for guidance.

If you enjoy the mud, well, the Mudman Race will be held at Spirit Mountain on July 20. It features 5k and 10k courses with obstacles to “test strength, endurance and mental fortitude.” So, in addition to mud, you better enjoy hopping over hay bales and climbing through a spider web of ropes.

Just to tie this all together, it bears mentioning that Mud Sisters Pottery will open a new exhibit at Washington Studios on May 10 called “Mud Madness, Mud Magic, Mud Sisters.” It features a collection of functional and decorative pottery, and sculpture in clay and bronze.

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