Lake Superior Posts

Finding Minnesota: Smelt Fishing on Lake Superior

WCCO-TV‘s Rachel Slavik reports from the mouth of the Amnicon River on Lake Superior during the 2016 smelt run. Apologies for whatever commercial precedes the video.

This just in: It’s windy

It kind of looks like the Superior Entry Breakwater Lighthouse is going to blow over in this video via Richard Hoeg’s 365 Days of Birds.

Ultimate Sand Castle Engineers of Lake Superior

Superior Surf

Video by Ali Rogers of Prana Lens. Narration by Rob Bell.

I Fell In Right After Taking This Footage Which Clearly Shows Me Being An Idiot

About five minutes after this footage was taken I wandered too far onto an escarpment of ice over Lake Superior. Marching out there, intending to be careful and to stay a couple feet from the edge, I said, “Let’s go risk our lives!”

Exploring Lake Superior Ice Mid-March

The Liquid Snowstorm of 2016

More Lake Superior Plate Ice Tectonics

This one was shot by Jacob Selander on Feb. 13 along the North Shore.

More Icy Fun

Since the previous ice-stacking video posted on PDD is nearing one-million views, here are two more. These were shot by Ryan Tischer.

Lake Superior Ice Stacking

Video by Dawn LaPointe of Radiant Spirit Gallery.

PDD Video Lab: Sea Smoke on Lake Superior

Video shot by Levi Drevlow on a -18 degree day. Choose an audio soundtrack below and enjoy. From indoors.

The Next Bite: Lake Superior Walleyes

Gary Parsons of The Next Bite, along with Josh Teigen and Chris Meyer, troll Lake Superior’s South Shore for walleyes.

Diving the Buoy

Depth: 30 feet. This is the red buoy in the outer harbor within sight of the Vietnam Memorial and Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. Thanks to my canoe-based support team, Jeff Greensmith and Sean MacManus, who towed me out there on my floaty raft. At the 1:18 mark you can see the concrete block the buoy is tethered to but the shot is brief as I didn’t want to dally.

Best Underwater Footage of Duluth’s Atlantean Ruins

Underwater footage of Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum off the Duluth Lakewalk in relatively clear conditions. First I videoed the collapsed column in 9 feet of water, Then because visibility was so good, I swam around the base of the building structure too. That is 16 feet deep according to a depth chart I saw once.

Exploring Ruins of Column at Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum

Ruins of the column that collapsed this winter at “Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum” off the Duluth Lakewalk. Water is really murky as its proximity to the shipping lanes stirs up a lot of silt this time of year. I intend to keep trying to get clearer shots but this is all I could manage during this initial foray. Water depth: 9 feet. Basically what you’re seeing here is a base of concrete sprouting metal bars and telephone-pole-like wooden posts that in some cases are splintered or splayed. The tops of some posts were sheared off and smoothed by ice sheet movement and lie just below the surface. The concrete top of the column lies on its side at the bottom, along with eroded steel jacketing that sheathed the base.

I was very cautious during these dives as the danger of getting snagged or nicked in the gloom was fearful to contemplate. I heard nearby swimmers claim a member of their party had scraped himself on the posts while swimming. Not to be a bringdown but this area has to be considered a hazard to swimmers and boaters alike. It is also the most interesting thing to look at in Lake Superior right now.