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New food truck: The Happy Wanderer

The Happy Wanderer is a food truck that will soon be hitting the streets of Duluth selling specialty egg rolls. To learn more visit the Kickstarter page.

Jefferson People’s House

In a world where people, food and information are treated like commodities, a new worker-owned cooperative wants to turn them back into things that build local connections. After many years of people wanting a radical bookstore/café and a progressive community incubator in Duluth, we’ve come together to start the Jefferson People’s House, a democratic worker-owned, collectively managed space.

The motto: Coffee – Books – Social Justice – Toast

Sasha Howell Fashion Show Kickstarter

Sasha is an amazing local talent. Support her dream fashion show and score yourself some VIP tickets.


Last night was another night of hipness for me.

I joined Kate VTB and Katie B for dinner at the “last Thai restaurant standing,”Sala Thai in Woodland (remember, Thai Krathong closes this week). Yummy.

Then, off to Prøve Collective. The “Transplants” show featured amazing work by Rob Adams, Ray Allard, Rodrigo Bello, Zach Gorr, Marcus Meldahl, and Aphtin Rapp. Bello did the amazing image posted at the top, and his work was worth a thousand times the price of admission. (Have I mentioned how lucky we are that events like this, with music by the Crunchy Bunch, are free?)

Prøve has an Indiegogo Campaign working to help bring it to the next level. It deserves your support. My life in Duluth would be less without its efforts.

Duluth native launches Kickstarter campaign to support local eco horror flick

Duluth native Jim Ojala has been a professional special makeup/creature FX artist in New York and Los Angeles and now wishes to bring his first directorial feature film back home. It is an eco-horror film called, Strange Nature, revolving around the real-life frog deformity outbreaks in Minnesota that spread across the country and where it might lead. Check it out and support if you can — and please share. Since the production will be casting mainly locals maybe you’ll even get a role.

Another (Unexpected) Duluth-Related Kickstarter

For those of you who know your comic book writers, the name Alan Moore is usually found at the top of most peoples “favorites” list (maybe because he’s an incredible writer, or maybe because he’s a fucking wizard and people are scared of him).

Anyway, I was watching Alan Moore’s Kickstarter video for the “His Heavy Heart” project, and was completely surprised to hear the Duluth connection!

Skip ahead to 3:45 if you want to hear Alan Moore drop Alan Sparhawk’s name as a collaborator on the project!

Tour the Music Resource Center

Let Nancy take you on a tour of the Music Resource Center and learn more about what goes on here. If you like what you see and would like to help us make it better you can donate online. Time is running short; we need to reach our goal by Friday! Please help if you can!

PlayList visit from MRC musicians = cool/donate

Hannah and Curren, two musicians who have benefited from the Music Resource Center, were on The PlayList last week — young people doing their thing and being articulate and cool — what more can we ask for?

After you watch them talk about what they do, go here and donate to the Indiegogo campaign to make more of their and other young musicians’ work happen here in Duluth and Superior. The campaign ends in a little over a week — help them now if you can.

Curren Effinger — “Little Drum”

Music Resource Center student Curren Effinger wrote, recorded, filmed, and edited this video for his song “Little Drum” this spring with help from students at the UMD Participatory Media Lab.  It was a huge job, but tons of fun and we’re excited to share it with you.

If you think this is a program worth supporting I encourage you to attend one of our upcoming events and to donate online.  We are currently raising funds to purchase instruments and video/recording equipment so that we can more easily make awesome videos like this in the future.  We thank you for your support.

The Music Resource Center-Duluth is a program of the Armory Arts and Music Center.

Ryan Van Slooten Kickstarter

I am so excited to record my new album, but I need your support. If you could take a second and check out my Kickstarter page, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Ryan Van Slooten’s Kickstarter Page

Local film makers producing horror film in Duluth

Murder Pretty, a local independent group of film makers dedicated to producing fun and interesting horror films, is producing its first slasher movie, How Pretty You Die right in Duluth. Filming begins March 28. Check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Preston Gunderson kicks off Kickstarter

Virginia, Minn. native Preston Gunderson is a musician with dreams as big as his heart.

Kickstarter campaign to fund Snobarn’s debut album

For the past 56 days of their Kickstarter fundraising campaign, members of the local band Snobarn have been working their tails off. They’ve been playing live sets (upward of a dozen during the past two months), doing interviews on radio and TV, and madly promoting their cause via social media. Now, more than ever, time is of the essence. Their online fundraising window on Kickstarter will finally close late Sunday night (or very early Monday morning), Feb. 4, at precisely 2:35 a.m.

Duluth is Horrible Kickstarter

This February (maybe), filmmaker Vincent Gargiulo will be coming to Duluth to film a short movie titled Duluth is Horrible. Chip into the Kickstarter here, and/or follow the news on their blog.

Lake Superior Honey Co. Kickstarter

On the heels of a Duluth City Council vote to broaden legal beekeeping within the city, Jonathan and Erin Otis of Lake Superior Honey Company announced the launch of an online campaign to raise funds for the expansion of their successful honey company. Continue the story at:

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