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Video Archive: The Moody Blues in Duluth

On March 9, 1994, the Moody Blues played the DECC Arena with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. The front end of this video is an interview conducted by Barbara Reyelts for KBJR-TV; the piece concludes with some concert footage. (The interview clip was posted on PDD a few years ago, but had since been removed from YouTube.)

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DSSO’s Bright Approach: First Minnesota orchestra to use interest-based bargaining process

As a kid, I took it for granted that my tiny hometown high school had an orchestra program and lots of community support. So it is not hard to agree with Duluth Mayor Don Ness when he says that “the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra continues to brighten the arts landscape of the Twin Ports.” A healthy community orchestra is a great thing!

University Ave. photographer and bandoneón player on the PlayList this week

The PlayList’s second season continues Thursday, Oct. 14, at 9pm on WDSE-WRPT’s PBS North (8.1/31.1).

Wing Young Huie’s photography takes his audience through the rapid-fire labyrinth of socioeconomic and cultural realities along University Avenue’s six-mile thoroughfare in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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