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Solitude Hill – Woodlawn Cemetery


This tiny old cemetery is about three miles off of Tower Avenue in Parkland, a town south of the city of Superior and east of the town and village of Superior, near the Nemadji Golf Club, at the end of Cemetery Road.

Town of Bell Cemetery, 1902 to 1915

bell-cemetery-11 bell-cemetery-22 bell-cemetery-33

bell-cemetery-44 bell-cemetery-55 bell-cemetery-66

Out in Bayfield County Wisconsin is the small town of Bell (within which is the more well-known unincorporated place of Cornucopia). Two little secret spots in Bell are the old 23-grave cemetery (photos above) and the Lost Creek Falls Trail (photos of that to come in a future post).

Old Cemetery

DSC02124 DSC02121 DSC02114 DSC02119

One of the oldest and prettiest cemeteries in the area is also one of the most obscure. This one is on Cemetery Road off County Road Z, near County Road A, just south of Superior.

Nemadji Wisconsin Point Burial Tour

Ever wonder what happened to all the remains from the old Indian cemetery on Wisconsin Point? According to this YouTube video, over 100 burials were “dumped” along the banks of the Nemadji River at the St. Francis Cemetery in Superior. Their bones and artifacts crop up to this day as the banks continue to erode.

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