Adam Booker Posts

(It’s all about that) Duluth Bass Player Adam Booker


Woot for the local artist, internationally recognized. In the Contrabass Conversations podcast from Prague, Duluth bassist Adam Booker is interviewed about …

  • traditional jazz bass lines and what notes were really being played
  • confessions from a former string neurotic
  • what surprised Adam the most about academia
  • Stefon Harris and his description of scales as a collection of emotions
  • hanging up on Milt Hinton … and then watching Jeopardy! with him
  • not just creating great bassists, but creating great people


Adam Booker – “Unraveled Rival” (Live on The PlayList)

Duluth jazz bassist Adam Booker performs a track from his new album Unraveled Rival on the May 14 episode of WDSE-TV’s The PlayList. Booker’s band features Ryan Frane on keyboard, Tim Stratioti on trombone and Ben Ophoven-Baldwin on drums.

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