Help topic: Why some posts are “pending”

Some Perfect Duluth Day users are able to publish posts instantly and some are not. What’s the deal with that?

The people who can publish instantly have “author” status. They are generally the people who have posted many things on PDD and are somewhat trusted by PDD administrators.

Most users have “contributor” status. When they write a post it is automatically given a “pending” status, which means an administrator has to approve it. This reduces the chance that a random weirdo could post something horrible.

In order for “pending” posts to be approved, one of the administrators has to notice that it’s there, so sometimes these posts stay pending for a few hours. That’s why safety is no fun. Sorry about that.

When administrators decide not to publish a post, by the way, they don’t always e-mail the user who wrote it to explain why. While it’s understood that doing that would be the polite and professional thing to do, it’s also kind of a chore. Who wants to do chores?