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Thoughts on Duluth’s job market?

I’m seriously considering relocating myself and my family to Duluth. It’s easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. After a great deal of thought and reseach I really do believe we’d be happy there. I read through a blog on PDD about why people like living in Duluth and I think I smiled like an idiot the whole time!

My last major concern at this point is the job market. I’m alarmed that I can’t find jobs listed in your newpaper. Only links to jobsHQ or other job seach engines. We are coming from an area that doesn’t have a great job market so my standards are probally pretty low but we can’t live somewhere where there’s nothing! 

I am a licensed practical nurse and it has never dawned on me that I’d have trouble anywhere. There always seems to be jobs for me. My husband, however, has no degree and has always worked in industrial/warehouse/forktruck kind of places (think John Deere).  He recenty lost his job and there is really no reason to stay where we are.

Any thoughts on the current job market? Thanks for your time.