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Which Camcorder?

Looking to buy a camcorder for taking music videos of myself singing/playing acoustic guitar for Youtube upload.  In the $200-350 range.  I haven’t had much luck  finding something with better  audio quality that works well in low light conditions.  I was told that flash memory format is the best option but what about other formats that might have better audio quality and lowlight performance?  The criteria I’m most interested in are 1. Ease of upload to Youtube/internet; 2. Better sound quality; 3. Image quality/good low light performance; 4. Ease of use;  5. Has image stabilization; 6. Prefer Mac/PC compatible; 7. Longer battery life.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions.  Thanks for you help.  Please respond to me at [email protected]

Tascam Tutor Needed

Looking for someone savvy with Tascam digital recording unit #DP-01FX/CD to tutor me.  I’m looking to do some home recording with the unit.  Please email me  at [email protected].  thanks

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