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Serenity Rings: A Custom Chainmaille Accessories Shoppe

Hello! This is a quick invitation for folks to explore my new Kickstarter project. We are looking to fund the new “North Woods Collection,” in which are five classic weaves of stainless steel chainmaille jewelry.

If you love chainmaille as much as we do you can check out my new ETSY online shoppe. For instant gratification, we have several items available in EG steel at the moment.

If you secretly harbor chainmaille desires, send me a PM and we’ll do what we can to fulfill your chainmaille fantasies. Thanks for exploring this project!

Barn yard animals run amuck!

Hey folks. I was wandering around the ravaged countryside and found this delightful critter. If you know where it is, it has a secret, though you’ll have to sneak up close to find out. That is, only if you can catch it. Can you guess where?

Duluth Deluge: Daredevils

Right behind the Tappa Keg bar, across the street from the zoo, the tracks are all but gone. However, that did not deter this Duluth Deluge daredevil from making it across. Kids, do not attempt this at home, unless you’re reenacting this scene with felted socks or shadow puppets.

Here’s video of first trip across:

And here’s the return trip:

Apologies for the skewed angle. Thank you, smart phone.

Invasive Species Alert

I dunno if this was intentional or an outrageous prank on someone who is blissfully out of town. If you thought Duluth has a seagull problem, then we might be in some serious trouble with these invasive species.

Can you guess where?