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Dream Dinner

One of my personal favorite things to do in the summer is eat breakfast out on my back porch. There is something primal yet decadent about eating my gardens bounty while listening to the birds talking, watching the random and often unedible berries turn red, gasping as the dragonflies rush past my head on the way to their meal all while perched on my comfortable Menards patio set.

This summer I get to give other people the opportunity to experience my dream dinner. Not in my backyard but at the Food Farm and Birch Point Gardens. Imagine walking around Big gardens and seeing the lush plants and flowers then turning a corner to find a beautiful long white table set with flowers and surreal music playing in the distance. Now here comes my part. I cook you a fabulous meal of four courses, with wine pairings. Each one focusing on the fresh veggies that come from 50 feet behind you. They are creative and often new playful recipes, meant to intrigue you while still tasting the freshness.

We did this last year and they were some on the most magical nights of my summer, and I was actually working! If you are at all interested, let me know. 724-6811

Women Musicians in Homegrown

Did anyone notice the low number of female performers at the Homegrown Music Festival this year? I did. There seemed to be about eight male performers for every one female. If you don’t want to count just look at the steering committee, it’s pretty representative of the entire festival. There are a few  wonderful women and a bunch of men.   

The ladies are around performing with a variety of styles unique to themselves and Homegrown!  They may be harder to find in that giant Homegrown Field Guide, but if you looked closely you’d find some on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, not peak days.  Often these women have to be underground, persistent or be extra bad ass, which they are, to get noticed. They often try harder and get less recognition. 

I don’t want to start a fight, maybe just a good discussion, I’m just saying we noticed.