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Primary Election is Tuesday

Here are links to the websites of candidates on the Duluth primary ballot:

U.S. Senator:
Independence Party:
Glen R. Anderson Menze
Stephen Williams
Republican Party:
David Carlson
Bob Carney Jr.
Kurt Bills
DFL Party:
“Dick” Franson
Darryl Stanton
Jack Edward Shepard
Amy Klobuchar

U.S. Representative District 8:
Republican Party:
Chip Cravaack
DFL Party:
Tarryl L. Clark
Jeff Anderson
Richard Nolan

State House District 7A (East Duluth):
Republican Party:
Therese Bower (No website.)
DFL Party:
Brandon Clokey
Thomas Huntley (No website.)

County Commissioner District 3 (Western Duluth):
Chris Dahlberg
Debbie Isabell-Nelson
Dennis Szymialis

Supreme Court Chief Justice:
Lorie Skjerven Gildea
Jill Clark
Dan Griffith

Supreme Court Associate Justice 4:
Alan Nelson
Tim Tingelstad
David R. Stras

The MN League of Women Voters website is another good resource for information on candidates.

Minnesota Property Tax

If you are trying to make sense of the “Proposed Property Tax for 2012” statement you got in the mail last week, check out the following link on the Minnesota Dept. of Revenue website. I found it helpful in explaining the changes related to the axed Homestead Tax Credit: “Understanding Recent Changes in Homestead Benefits
For Property Tax Purposes.”

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!