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Thank you all, good fucking night.

Well, Bone Appetit played it’s last show ever last weekend, and it ended just like it began — sloppy, drunken, and unpredictable.

Thanks to everyone throughout the years that supported us, and thanks even more to the people who took time out of their lives to rip on us, thus giving us even more press than our supporters. I wish I could take the time to individually thank everyone, but I refuse to do that knowing I’d forget someone.  We may have never sang about “what’s cool,” and never really fit in with the whole Duluth scene, but to those that embraced us for doing whatever the fuck we wanted, I thank you!  

I have more good and funny memories from that band than most any other thing in life, and even though some of us don’t really get along in the band anymore, I will still say that I love each and every one of those guys. We’ll never get the accolades that some bands in that town get, but there isn’t one fucking person who deny that we fucking rocked that town over the years.  In the end, I like to think we left a nice big skid mark on certain parts of that music scene that can’t be wiped off.

To everyone I’ve had a beer/smoke/laugh with over the last 11 years in this band, I have nothing but thanks for you.  I love you all, and Good Fucking Night.

Love always,

Cory “Hotrod” Ahlm

P.S.  Special thanks to Starfire,  Adam Guggemos, Paul Lundgren/Barrett Chase, Christa Lawler, Rick Boo, Eric Swanson, Slim Goodbuzz, Jason Cork, and Chris Whittier. Anyone else I forgot, hit me up for a beer.

Bone Appetit! Bone Appetit! Bone Appetit!

Leaving behind thousands of ringing ears, hundreds of broken hearts, and three or four pairs of ripped leather pants, Bone Appetit is ready for their big finale. For over 10 years Duluth’s favorite sons have continually demonstrated that they’re not the best band in town–just the greatest. Join Hotrod, Richie Gunns, Double Barrel, Sudden Death, and Jizzy Young for one last rock n’ roll joyride full of booze, swagger, high-fives, and songs that will leave you knocked up and thrown in jail.

So grab a beer (it’s on you) and push your way to the front, for this really *is* the end, my lovely, lovely, lovely friend…

Bone Appetit
10/31/99 – 5/7/10

Joining us on the bill: Bradical Boombox, Hotel Coral Essex, and Cars & “Fucking” Trucks.

Just fucking be there, OK??

Bryon Fucking Maiden

Metal lives on Friday, March 19 at Pizza Luce in Duluth for the Ides of March.  Duluth’s own Bryon Maiden hit’s the stage midnight or so.

Come see: Cory “Hotrod” Ahlm as Paul Di’anno/Bruce Dickinson
Brett “Moleman” Molitor as Dave Murray
Allen “Alien” Cragin as Adrian Smith
Bryon “Gaynor” Maiden as Steve Harris
Mat “Internet Predator” Milinkovich as Nicko Mcbrain.

Be there NERDS!

He can no longer be a Twin killer


Twins sign Jim Thome to a 1 year deal, 1.5 million.  Great move.

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