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Future of the old Northwestern Bell building

Does anyone know who owns or what the plans are for the old Northwestern Bell building at 1804 E. First St.? I saw some scrappers loading out the junk that’s ended up in there over the years. They were the only ones on property but seemed pretty leisurely, like they belonged. Just curious if something is finally happening with it. I’ve dreamt of owning that building for years.

I believe it’s zoned residential and is going to stay that way, so hopefully the owner develops it into some beautiful high-ceilinged studios and doesn’t tear it down.

Lost in Lester! Black Mountain Hardware jacket with sunglasses in the breast pocket

Help me lower my record of losing 2 pairs of aviators and 2 Mountain Hardware jackets to only 1 pair of aviators and 1 Mountain Hardware jacket!

My wife and I were helping out with the Congdon Park Cougar Chase at Lester Park earlier this month and I seem to have hung my jacket on a tree, with my sunglasses in the breast pocket so I couldn’t lose them.  Oops.  It was a black mens Mountain Hardware softshell, medium or large, I honestly can’t remember and a pair of gold legit ’80s Ray-Bans.

We were at one of the trail-heads on Seven Bridges Rd If it helps.

Thanks all. My fault, I’m dumb, but I miss my jackets and glasses

Duluth Wedding Officiants

Nikki and I are finally shaking off the procrastination and getting down to planning our wedding (late)  and looking for an officiant!  If anyone knows, or has any recommendations for an officiant, we’d love to hear them!  The ceremony is being held in Leif Erikson Park this September and we’re looking for someone who’s either non-denominational or generally open-minded Christian.  We’ve emailed a few people from the various directory websites but would be much more comfortable with first-hand experience or recommendations.

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