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International Book Giving Day

A 7-year-old boy in Duluth created something called International Book Giving Day last year. This year the effort is actually going international. It’s on Feb. 14, a great alternative to Valentine’s Day. Since it’s kind of a blog-driven initiative I thought I’d link to my post about it here.

Urban Girl Interrupted: Duluth boy’s vision goes global

Duluth Mommy Blogger needs your vote

There’s an unusual mommy blog out there for the thinking parent looking to find stimulating and educational reading for his or her kids. It’s called Delightful Children’s Books. And it’s the work of a mom right here in Duluth (not me).

The blog has been nominated Parenting Magazine for a Best All-Around Mom Blog. It could use your vote. You just need to hit this link, register and vote.

I wrote a little something about her and her blog at or you can just go to her site and learn everything you need to know.

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