PDD Quiz: November 2020 in Review

How much do you remember about the news that made headlines in November? Take this weeks current events quiz to find out!

The next PDD quiz will be published on Dec. 13; it will look at some Twin Ports records (steepest street, tallest building, etc.). Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Dec. 10.

#1 A fire started in this troubled property on Nov. 1.

Read more about the property and the fire on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#2 Duluth was mentioned as having air that “moves into your nostrils like a welcome guest” in this animated TV comedy.

View a clip on PDD.

#3 Citizens of this Iron Range community elected Erik Urbas as mayor, despite Urbas having dropped out of the race in August.

Urbas upset incumbent mayor Chuck Novak, but he later turned down the position. Read more on The Timberjay website.

#4 This restaurant chain will be moving into the Miller Hall Mall space previously occupied by Lucky’s 13 Pub in early 2021.

The Development Tracker has more on the story here.

#5 Superior residents voted on a referendum that would make the mayor’s position part-time. Did the referndum pass or fail?

CBS 3 has more on the story here.

#6 Mel Amara of Minneapolis lost a signature article of clothing at Stoney Point. What was it?

Amara was later reunited with the boot; read more about the story on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#7 There will not be a giant Christmas tree in Downtown Duluth this year due to construction; however, this sponsoring company made donations to local charities instead.

KBJR has more on the story here.

#8 A 1930s fire ring was restored for public use at Girl Scout Point in this Superior park.

Fox 21 has more on the story here.

#9 A former antique store on this downtown street was destroyed by fire on Nov. 21.

View CBS3 coverage of the fire here. 

#10 The Duluth Public Library received an item in its return bin that was long overdue. When was the item checked out?

The item was an 8mm reel of Georges Méliès’ 1902 film A Trip to the Moon. Read more about the story on the Duluth News Tribune website.


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