Heely Tricks with JamesG: June 2020

An early-summer montage of wheeled-sneaker stunts from former Duluthian James Geisler, also known as the hip-hop artist JamesG.

He has more than 44,000 followers on TikTok.



about 1 year ago

That seems like a lot of hopping around on the normal part of the shoes, then transitioning to the wheels once he’s stabilized on flat ground.

I’m not sure I’d call those “tricks”.

“A” for effort, though?

Helmut Flaag

about 1 year ago

That's the joke Vicarious. It's so bad it's, well, who knows what these Millennials will follow next? Could be some Finlander trying to jam his bag while jumping over a bike while playing an accordion. Soon interest will start to wane over these Heely tricks just as it did with Old Timey music, and he'll have to strap on a dead deer for effect, or "communicating with the Mothership" as my uncle calls it.


about 1 year ago

Now I understand.

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