Selective Focus: LampsnTime – Rob and Teresa Reese

When you walk through the Duluth Antique Marketplace on Grand Avenue, like most antique malls, each booth has its own specialty and feel. But when you approach the LampsnTime booth, even from a distance, it’s clear there’s another layer of personality to it. Rob and Teresa Reese transform old discarded items into reimagined pieces of functional and decorative art.

LNT: With Teresa’s fascination with the Borg technology portrayed in Star Trek and Rob’s interest in all that is “haunted” naturally we fell in love with the Steampunk alternate history of the “Past that never was.” We repurpose all sorts of odd pieces we happen upon into industrial lamps, clocks, steampunk accessories and Assemblage art.

Six years ago, Rob made a lamp and friends expressed a desire to purchase one if he made more. That was the start to what we have become, Lampsntime.

Airship lamp

Vintage Camera Lamp

Every piece we make has its own individual unique personality. For example, we put a mustard tin on the shelf and let it speak to us. After a while we realized the mustard tin needs a mouth to speak with. We added a vintage sugar jar lid for a face. then we started creating the little guy with door handles for feet, clock gears for arms, doorstops for antenna, drawer pulls for eyes. Of course he needs a name, Tada, “Musti”. It’s very fun, challenging and rewarding.

Musti Assemblage bot

Industrial Lamp

Evening Star mixed media

Where can people find your work?
Duluth Antique Marketplace, 5705 Grand Ave., Duluth

Unprecedented Assemblage bot

Timetravel back pack

What are you currently working on?
We are putting the finishing touches on our outfits for the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee MN. To include 6 foot mechanical wings and a hoop skirt, (a positive for social distancing).

Renaissance Festival 2019. Time Travelers

Steampunk tophat with goggles made with sewing machine parts

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