Snow-Fort City, day 4


#snowfortcity day 4. Come at me, bro. Found lots of damage this afternoon as I rolled up, so, much of the day was spent in repair mode.

Hopefully the result of over-exuberant happy children, Sean MacManus’ temple-henge structure lies in pieces, as does Annmarie Geniusz’ statue of Poseidon, and one of the rook forts including the beautiful lake-ice-glass we installed in the wall last night. I stacked the statue pieces back up and rebuilt the rook fort with new lake-ice-glass; the structure is now Gaudi-esque and surreal. I left Sean’s ruined henge for the artist himself. I was reminded by Duluth drone videographer Riley Goss that many great cities have been destroyed, some multiple times, and this made a lot of sense.

With the coming of colder temps after the weekend, I shored up both rook forts with a layer of snow mortar; if they are not sacked by vandals, they should freeze in place as solid structures. Mo continued work on her fort of the tree people, today assisted by Peter K. and his vision of turrets. I also shored up much of the stage with a bumper of snow as people bomb the hill straight for it. Sled trails continue multiplying, betraying the fact of happy snow-day children. I’m taking tomorrow off for an appointment, but I’m hitting it again this weekend before the temperature plunges.

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