Snow-fort City proof of concept


I built this Snowhenge wall segment in Leif Erickson Park today in three hours with a bucket. Will it remain after a weekend of playing children, and snowstorms including 30-mph winds? Probably not. But rebuilding and rebirth are central to this season-long project where work and leisure are indistinguishable. The blizzard should die off Sunday and the upcoming week should be clear to terraform the gift of snow.

I will be spending my afternoons there with a bucket and all right-thinking people. The concept has already sparked interest, with wide-eyed Duluthians making plans for their own snowburbs of this imaginal city, including igloo construction, ice sculptures. and automated snowball throwers. As per my original visioning post, we should build around the sled-trails already opening up, the highways of our settlement. We’re going to need ramps and tunnels. Somebody tap the local snow sculptors, I would like a giant sphinx and an army of snowmen. Somebody freeze some water in pans so we can add clear windows to our structures. Snowtime is go time. We will expand into the city with the goal of total artistic domination at the business end of a snowball. #snowfortcity

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