Snow-Fort City: It’s Time [UPDATED BELOW FOLD]

Calling all guerrilla snow-fort builders, amateur igloo engineers, wintertime sculptors, snowmen whisperers, and anyone haunted by dreams of city-wide snowball fights: It’s time.

See my original visioning post here. It’s snowtime, so it’s go time. Don’t wait for me. Converge on Duluth’s Leif Erikson Park throughout this week and into the season, and bring your snow-brick makers, or anything to pack snow in to make walls and structures. We may get beaten back in waves. But starting with the stage at Leif Erikson – while we wait for the lake to freeze – the goal is to build out. We will construct an ephemeral city on top of the real one, and invent its culture. #snowfortcity

[UPDATE: After Thanksgiving it looks set to snow pretty much through Sunday, then Monday-Wednesday we get a break. SO although I may be down there dicking around beforehand, Mon-Wed (Dec. 2-4) in the afternoons seem like ideal times to get down there and work/play in the snow; to see what nature has given us to work/play with. I for one have a nice bucket that I can start building walls with (assuming the snow has the right character). Today I rode a sled down either side of the park to mark in my mind where the sled trails should be so we can make tunnels and ramps etc. Anyone got snow sculptor Harry Welty’s contact info? Because we’re going to need some giant sphinxes etc]

Snowtime is go time #snowfortcity

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