PDD Quiz: Creepy Northland

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, this edition of the PDD Quiz tests knowledge of the Northland’s creepy places, events and history.

The next quiz, on headlines from October 2018, will be published on Oct. 28. Please email question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Oct. 24.


You’re spooky smart!

Better luck next time!

#1 In what year were the last Nopeming patients moved from the facility?

Nopeming, which was constructed as a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis, became a nursing home in 1971. Read more about the history of Nopeming on Zenith City Online.

#2 A house formerly located on the corner of Fremont St. and S. 64th Ave. W. was known by what name on PDD?

The house has since been demolished.

#3 The Duluth Demon made headlines in PDD for scaring visitors to which site?

Read more about the Duluth Demon here.

#4 Fairlawn Mansion regularly holds what kind of event on Friday the 13th?

Fairlawn will also offer flashlight tours on Oct. 29 and 30.

#5 On March 4, 1896, hundreds gathered to catch a glimpse of a ghost that had been frequenting the ruins of which Duluth theater?

Read more about the Temple Opera House ghost on Zenith City Online.

#6 The Haunted Shack moved to 1781 County Road 1 in Carlton this year; where was it located last year?

Read more about the history of the Haunted Shack on its website.

#7 In what year did the William A. Irvin become the home of the Haunted Ship?

The Haunted Ship is on hiatus this year due to work on both the William A. Irvin and the Minnesota Slip; it is expected to return in 2019.

#8 Which local tour company offers bus tours of Duluth’s dark history in October?

More information on the Dark History Bus Tour here.

#9 Lake Superior’s “ghost fleet” is comprised of ships lost between Duluth and which other port?

Read more about Lake Superior’s ghost fleet on Zenith City Online.

#10 In what year did the infamous murders at Glensheen occur?

Read more about the Glensheen murders on Zenith City Online.


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