Mysterious Biz White Song about Duluth

We need to unearth some Duluth-based songwriter history. The current reference librarians at the Duluth Public Library are unable to track down the lyrics to a song about Duluth by Biz White, a female librarian during the 1980s and ’90s.

Here’s the conversation:

I was visiting with friends yesterday and one of them said he had been trying to find the lyrics to a song written about Duluth. It was written by Biz White, who used to work at DPL, and he thought it may have been for a Playhouse production. Some of the lyrics he remembered were, “Oh Duluth, your granite hills rise,” and “Oh Duluth, your heartless hills.” I was hoping you had some ideas.


Help! Does anyone have these lyrics recorded?


David Beard

about 4 years ago

Paul Lundgren has posted in the past about The Duluth Ditty Bag: Songs About the Zenith City, published by the Duluth Public Library in 1976 and edited by Biz White.

Songs about Duluth Places/Neighborhoods

Bernadette Savage

about 4 years ago

I have the song book, "Duluth Ditty Bag," edited by Biz White.  Let me know if you want to look at it.

Bridgit Lee

about 4 years ago

This is getting us closer because it is connected to Biz White but this Duluth Ditty Bag collection does not have the song by Biz White in it. Thanks for responding!

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