The 1817 Movie

With the snowboard and ski season upon us, here’s an hour of sick stunts from across the state, directed and edited by Riley Erickson. It’s quite the epic production.

From the Vimeo description:

No sponsors, no money, no predetermined riders list, no contractually obligated Instagram posts. This movie was made because a group of friends wanted to make something that even attempted to capture the humble, and unique of it’s kind, Minnesota snowboard scene.

This movie is dedicated to full time jobs, to rope tows, to East St. Paul, to Plymouth, to scraping snow at every spot, to -50 days when the winch still runs, to spot pizzas, to Duluth, to Trollhaugen, to Skudda mansion, to Eddington’s bottomless soup bowl. To Chad Otterstrom, to Micah Mcginnity, to Mike Casanova. (Hudson counts as Minnesota.) To all the loyal ghouls.

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Helmut Flaag

about 7 years ago

I was getting the wind knocked out at Trollhaugen years before these poor mountain-less and grass-bound bastards were suckling their mother's teat. Back when the sport of riding rails- as pioneered by the Gonz, was still in its infancy. And even back then it seemed not only sick, but diseased as well. 

That was totally diseased Bro!

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