PDD Quiz: Gales of November

November is a treacherous time on the Great Lakes. This past month, the “gales of November came early,” devastating the Lake Superior shoreline. This quiz looks back at Lake Superior storms and shipwrecks (as well as some marginally-related local singers and songwriters).

The next PDD Quiz, reviewing stuff that happened in November, will be published on Sunday, Nov. 26. Send question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Nov. 23.

#1 This ship was wrecked on the north pier of the Duluth canal entrance on Nov. 28, 1905.

Due to the stormy conditions, rescue crews were not able to reach the Mataafa until Nov. 29. Nine men were lost and fifteen were rescued.

#2 What is the estimated damage from the recent Oct. 27 gale on Lake Superior?

The St. Louis County board voted to pursue state and federal disaster aid for areas damaged by the gale.

#3 The Edmund Fitzgerald embarked from which port on its final voyage?

The Edmund Fitzgerald departed Superior on Nov. 9, 1975 and was lost, with all 29 crew members, near Whitefish Bay on Nov. 10.

#4 What is the colloquial name given to a grouping of three rogue waves on Lake Superior?

Researchers theorize that the “three sisters” may have caused the Edmund Fitzgerald to sink.

#5 Members of which Duluth band joined Wilco and Richard Thompson in a rendition of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” on July 9, 2013?

The song was performed prior to Bob Dylan taking the stage at Bayfront Festival Park.

#6 Which ship, under tow of the William Edenborn, wrecked near the present location of Split Rock Lighthouse on Nov. 28, 1905?

Split Rock Lighthouse was constructed in 1910 in response to the devastating 1905 gale (and lobbying from the Pittsburgh Steamship Company).

#7 Which local “all-female eerie folk project” is fronted by Laura Sellner?

In Greek mythology, sailors were lured toward rocky shores by the Sirens’ beautiful voices and shipwrecked.

#8 The freighter Henry B. Smith was lost near Marquette in a 1913 November gale. In which year was the wreck discovered?

The discovery of the wreck is detailed in Fred Stonehouse’s The Last Laker, Finding a Wreck Lost in the Great Lakes’ Deadliest Storm. 

#9 A gale that devastated the Great Lakes from Nov. 6-11, 1913 is also known by what other name?

More than 250 people died in the storm; 19 ships were lost.

#10 This barge, along with the steamer Lafayette, wrecked near Encampment Island on Nov. 29, 1905.

While the Lafayette was considered a total loss, the Manila was later repaired and carried cargo on the Great Lakes until 1956.


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