PDD Quiz: October 2017

Winter returned in earnest this month. How much do you remember of those halcyon days before the snow returned? Take the quiz and test your smarts!

The next PDD Quiz, on the topic of local shipwrecks, will be published on Sunday, Nov. 12. Send question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Nov. 9.

#1 Passengers riding the Jefferson Lines bus from Duluth to the Twin Cities on Oct. 13 were surprised when they were picked up by what vehicle?

Because all of their backup motor coaches were in use or in for maintenance, Jefferson Lines requested a vehicle from another company. They got a party bus.

#2 A very large nuisance bear was trapped in Duluth Heights earlier this month. How much did it weigh (field dressed)?

The bear had broken windows and had stuck its head through the door at the residence.

#3 Which local artist decorated Elephant Rock this month as part of the Lincoln Park open house?

This is the second time that an artist has transformed Elephant Rock as part of the Lincoln Park open house. Adam Swanson was last year’s artist.

#4 Sneakers Sports Bar & Grill closed this month after how many years in business?

Sneakers, located in Duluth’s Holiday Center, closed on Oct. 15.

#5 Which iconic visitor was spotted in Duluth on Oct. 27 during a snow storm?

Due to adverse conditions, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile cancelled its appearance at the Miller Hill Super One.

#6 New owners took over which Duluth brewery this month?

Lake Superior Brewing, established in 1994, is Duluth’s oldest craft brewery.

#7 NFL fullback and Duluth native C.J. Ham tweeted a picture of his bent face mask this month. Which team does Ham play for?

Ham posted the photo after a Vikings victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

#8 On Oct. 7, a driver wedged a rental truck under a railroad overpass in which Duluth neighborhood?

The truck was stuck under a North Shore Scenic Railroad overpass at 32nd Avenue East.

#9 Earth Rider Brewing released its first beer this month. What style was the beer?

Pale Ale Version 1 is an American Pale Ale.

#10 Center City Housing received word this month that it would receive funding for Garfield Square Apartments. Most of the residents of which apartment building are anticipated to move to Garfield Square?

The Esmond was formerly known as the Seaway Hotel.


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Richard K

about 6 years ago

Thanks for showing Earth Rider some love in the quiz.

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