Selective Focus: Eric Dubnicka

Eric Dubnicka is an artist working in multiple materials with fascinating abstractions and textures. It’s always fun and surprising to see what pops up on his Instagram feed.

E.D.: Currently my artworks are focused on the energy that exists and interacts between two people, which has been a fun challenge to conceptualize and the result is a series of paintings of ephemeral core bodies with a carved sculptural element demonstrating the connection between them. I’m fascinated by the process of abstraction and my works have run the gamut of sardonic caricatures to field color paintings, but the underlying concept is the energy that drives us as individuals or in relationships. The forms I’m working with currently lean heavily on the biomorphic lines, have a human anatomical subtext and are relatable to microscopic snapshots that can be found in nature or among the stars. I enjoy allowing for broad interpretations of my work and allow the materials to speak and interact, creating surfaces that are tactile, textured and carry an aesthetic strength that allow accessibility.

A Pause, a Glance, a Moment of Timelessness Between Strangers”, mixed media with carved cedar, 28 x 40”, 2017

I’ve been working professionally now for fifteen years and if there’s one constant it has been an experimentation of materials, intuitive mark making and tactile surfaces.

“Bound to Self”, metal strap, wire, plaster, 8 x 8 x 12”, 2016

I enjoy an artistic process that includes, or I should say requires, continually experimenting with and problem solving the addition of new materials. My most current work involves acrylic and house paint, glue, sawdust, different polymer-based additives and who knows what else as the pieces develop and the same can be said for the sculpture. It’s a constant process of working traditional mediums along with those that are new to the studio. Every piece has it’s own unique set of problems to be solved, and that’s what makes it fun.

I stumbled upon an old Jack London quote recently: “He was justifying his existence, than which life can do no greater; for life achieves its summit when it does to the uttermost that which it was equipped to do.” I’m rewarded by having the ability to create unique objects and attempting to utilize the tools and talents I have to the utmost of my ability. Through trial, error and experience I know now how fragile and fleeting our opportunities in life are. I have finally settled wholly into a life focused on making and creating and it has been a wonderful and challenging experience that I would trade nothing for. It is not without it’s hurdles, but I love what I do and thrive off the challenge of existing as an artist in the Northland.

“The Moment Two Opposing Views Meet in Understanding”, birch, 28 x 4 x 6”, 2017

Currently I have sculpture at Lizzards Gallery and Waters of Superior in Duluth, MN. My work can seen on my website, and I regularly post on Instagram, @ericdubnicka_artist. The best way though is to schedule a studio visit. Anyone is welcome, even if it’s just to talk art and to see how untrained my mutt Jack is.

“The Confusing Ties Tween Lovers and Lies”, acrylic, ink on paper, 22 x 30”, 2017

I will have artwork at Karin Kraemer’s exciting new Lincoln Park space, Duluth Pottery, which opens October 21st. I’ll be exhibiting a sculpture in the upcoming “Art of Grief” show at Duluth Art Institute this fall and will also be exhibiting new paintings at Denfeld Whole Foods in January. Additionally I am super excited for an exhibit of new paintings and sculptures at the Zeitgeist Atrium gallery coming up in April 2018.

untitled (waterbird series), cedar, brass, paint and found object, 12 x 6 x 4”, 2017


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