Duluth reference on “The Deuce”

According to Perfect Duluth Day’s highly reputable sources, the HBO series The Deuce recently made a reference to Duluth.

In episode #2 a prostitute named Lori, who is a new arrival in New York City via Minnesota, is about to be arrested when her pimp stabs the cop and explains the guy is not really a cop. He searches the guy and finds rope and other torture instruments, then says, “We ain’t in Duluth no more, Dorothy.”

Find a clip of the scene to win the internet for a day.

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Sam Weston

about 5 years ago

There will come a day when we won't have to be excited that a movie/show simply referenced Duluth. There will come a day when we're the ones making movies and shows -- and the Duluth Film Collective is where it will start!

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