Duluth is a Giant Ice Rink: Joyride Edition

Abandoned car on the train tracks by the Lakewalk — just beneath Lake Place Ice Skating Rink Park.




about 6 years ago

How and where could a car even get on the tracks in that area?!

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

Of course, I don't mean to encourage anyone to repeat the effort, but to answer the query with Google Earth ...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago


"Because a tow truck couldn't fit down the tracks ... an engine and a railroad truck with a boom crane were used to extract the car."

Duluth News Tribune: Cadillac removed from tracks near Lakewalk

Helmut Flaag

about 6 years ago

PDD, once again I'm extremely disappointed in your lack of ability or interest to dissect the motive of such a compelling crime.  Whenever something like this happens, invariably a sex act is involved.   In this case it looks as though the assailants were in desperate need of more substantial housing.  I'd be surprised if they didn't check into Fitger's master suite shortly thereafter as they probably thought this to be their parking lot whilst under the spell of 15 or so vodka gimlets. A hedonistic moment of glory, no doubt prompted by the veritable blue-balls formed in a crucible of anticipation for making American great again, led to this momentary lapse of reason and a burning desire for a platform with which to release said exultation.

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