PDD Quiz: Ringing in 2017

Brewery ViewOut with the old, in with the new; this quiz looks ahead to coming attractions in 2017.

Our next PDD Quiz, which will be published on Jan. 29, will review the notable things that happened in our area during this first month of 2017. E-mail question ideas to Alison Klawiter at [email protected] by Jan. 25.



about 6 years ago

Just to clarify (and to reveal an answer to the quiz), Boreal will be a coffeeshop / juice and smoothie bar / Paleo bakery (little-to-no gluten and no refined sugar) / all-day cafe.

While the establishment will certainly serve raw and vegan items and health will be at the forefront, Boreal will also serve whatever is local and delicious. These parameters will likely and occasionally include meat and cooked items.

Essentially, the founders are creating a place they would want to hang out in and consume delicious and healthy things, including wine and beer. 



about 6 years ago

This sounds like the STARS tests being cruelly assigned to children in public schools in an effort to destroy them. In essence, the questions cover material not yet taught in the classroom ostensibly to use as a base metric to measure against future testing results, but in fact, just make the kids feel like losers.

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