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No doubt, if you live in Duluth, you’ve been exposed to the work of Scott Lunt, aka Starfire; founder of the Homegrown Music Festival, co-founder of Father Hennepin and Perfect Duluth Day, radio host on KUMD, the list goes on. His latest endeavor is St1tch:::red, a quilt show at the Red Herring, opening Saturday November 12. He tells us how he got involved in the craft.

S.L.: I cut up perfectly good fabric and sew it back together again. I made my first quilt about twenty years ago and another five years after that. At the time I knew nothing about quilting and had to enlist my mother to help me finish. Then about a year-and-a-half ago Karen McTavish opened a quilting studio in Duluth, I took my mom to visit since she is a long time quilter and something clicked. Two weeks later a sewing machine showed up at my door (thanks Mom!) and I have been making about a quilt a month since.

My early challenges were simply learning how to sew, read patterns and understand all the quilty lingo. As I have figured things out I have been pushing myself to try new techniques and start designing my own quilts. I continue to struggle wth fabric and color choices but it is a good struggle.
Nearly all my quilts have been given to family and friends or donated to a good cause. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that my quilts will probably outlive me and hopefully become cherished family possessions.
Nine months ago I thought it would be fun to get some friends together, throw some quilts on a wall and have a party. That has grown into Stitch:::red at the Red Herring this Saturday November 12. Karen McTavish, Cheryl Dennison, Frank Palmer, Alexander Kain and I will be showing our latest works. The opening reception is from 5-8PM. At 9PM there will be quite possibly the first ever live sewing performance art piece. We will be accompanied by Kathy McTavish and her live projections. The night will finish with performances by Ire Wolves and Reflectivore.


Stitch:::red Facebook event
Instagram – @starfireduluth



about 5 years ago

I LOVE that Rey quilt!!! :D


about 5 years ago

I've got a Brian Barber original and a number of Adu Gindy's hanging in our home here in Stillwater.  I think I need to add to the collection with one of these.  The Holy Trinity of the Duluth art scene would then be complete.

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