Diving the Condos, Early September

Duluth has a stretch of Lakewalk with condos plopped down on it. I am used to diving farther up the shore a ways, but took the day to dive in front of the condos to see what was down there. This was early September, a weekend morning, the last truly great dive day of the summer: warm air, warm water, excellent visibility, and blue skies. I spent several hours in the water in a state of bliss. For a while there was the gentlest of currents and I just let it sweep me up the shore. As soon as I got out the weather turned — I had caught the last of these perfect conditions. This is my favorite form of recreation in this northernmost beach town. Here is what I saw. I wasn’t setting any depth records, average depth 10 feet or so but so fulfilling. Thanks for watching.



about 6 years ago

I loved watching this. Fascinating! (Except for the dead rabbit, of course.) I often wonder what's out there, but am not adventurous enough to go find out. What fun to take this trip. Thanks!

Jim Richardson

about 6 years ago

I appreciate your kind words~

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